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License Images

•Seeking Permission to use an image is called "LICENSE".

Important Note: (please read)

• Images must be licensed, even for non-profit, non-commercial uses.
• Images are provided at 300 dpi in JPG format.
• Prices listed are for one image on a single-use basis. (For multiple uses, please Email me or use the Contact Form on the menu Contact)
• You are responsible for how images are used and whether other permissions may be needed.
• Photo credit: "Photo ©" must be used.

Price Chart:

Printed usage Only (NON-Electronic)
2x1 600x400 €19
4x3 1200x800 €29
5x3 1500x1000 €39
6x4 1800x1200 €49
8x5 2400x1600 €69
10x7 3000x2000 €79
12x8 3600x2400 €159
14x9 4200x2800 €239
17x11 5100x3400 €329
20x13 6000x4000 €459
Website, Internet Ads,TV,Video,App,E-book (Electronic Usage)
250x 250x167 €29
350x 350x233 €49
700x 700x467 €79
900x 900x600 €119
1200x 1200x800 €159


**Electronically usage:Electronically display, such as place on website, internet, Email,TV, Video, Smartphone Application, electronic book and ect.

**Printing usage:For printing on newspaper, magazine, paid advertisement, event programme, postcard, greeting card, book, brochure, newsletter, product design, product packaging,calendar, event ticket,poster and ect.

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